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We are the Re-Generation

At Unibail-Rodamco-Westfield, we create inclusive, sustainable places
that have a positive impact on the communities around them.

Find out more about how we re-shape urban places, re-imagine meaningful experiences and re-write the future of our industry.

We are the Re-Generation, Re-shape


We re-shape vibrant, mixed-use places that enable the environmental transition of cities and act as a catalyst for urban regeneration.

  1. Transforming existing real estate, creating heart-of-city sustainable districts, and delivering and operating low-carbon, smart buildings is the core of our ambition.

    We are committed to accelerate urban regeneration, by developing and operating efficient and resilient destinations that have a positive impact on the environment.

  1. With our evolved Better Places roadmap, we are going further in our net-zero trajectory, committing to reduce GHG emissions by 90% for Scopes 1 & 2 by 2030 and to cut total emissions across our entire value chain, including Scope 3, by 90% by 2050.

    These targets have been approved by the Science Based Targets initiative. Through building-retrofit projects and new business opportunities in renewable electricity production and EV charging, we will be able to generate additional avoided emissions.

  1. We are also making new, ambitious commitments around biodiversity, water and waste – all designed to protects our shared natural resources and make our destinations active agents of urban regeneration and the environmental transition.

  1. We are working with retailers to help them reduce their energy consumption, while developing a comprehensive mobility action plan ensuring our destinations are well connected to public transport and have the infrastructure to support electric mobility.

  1. Our Better Places Certification will offer a comprehensive view of the overall sustainability performance of each asset.

    A five-level assessment, it covers a broad range of environmental and social dimensions including Health & Safety, Energy & Climate, Water, Communities, Mobility, Biodiversity and Waste.

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We are the Re-Generation, Re-imagine


We re-imagine extraordinary, meaningful experiences that connect people and bring communities together.

  1. Our people-centric destinations help to regenerate urban districts and have a tremendously positive impact on how their surrounding communities live.

    In the top cities in the US and Europe our destinations are central to people’s lives, offering an innovative shopping and leisure mix, as well as greenspaces and public facilities, community services, housing office space and coworking outposts.

  1. We leverage our retail and experiential expertise and the power of our Westfield brand, combining everything from the latest concepts for brands to new top-notch food and entertainment experiences, as well as unique live events and marketing programs. We offer a seamless customer experience and exceptional services in bespoke atmospheres.

  1. With 900 million visits to our centres each year globally, we have the unique ability to support the sustainable evolution of retail while meeting the changing needs of consumers.

    We do this through dynamic programmes such as the Westfield Good Festival, a flagship event that connects consumers around sustainability-driven experiences and provides a forum for brands and retailers to share their sustainable journeys.

  1. As welcoming and inclusive places where people of all backgrounds connect, our destinations are catalysts for economic and social vitality, supporting social cohesion.

    We actively work on maximising our impact by developing meaningful community projects and partnerships that support jobs, offer training, promote social inclusion, and increase access to health and culture

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We are the Re-Generation, Re-write


We re-write the future of shopping, dining and entertainment, together with our partners.

  1. In our premium physical platform of high footfall destinations in the best catchment areas, we harness our retail and experiential expertise to build innovative and impactful experiences where brands showcase the best of their concepts and create meaningful interactions with customers.

    From Westfield Mall of the Netherlands, near The Hague, to Topanga Social, in Los Angeles, we constantly reinvent the codes of shopping, dining and leisure to curate bespoke collections of the best brand experiences.

  1. 360° media, brand partnerships, activations and large-scale events: our in-house retail media agency Westfield Rise serves as a one-stop-shop to create innovative and dynamic campaigns using our platform of best-in-class retail media assets and advertising capabilities to create innovative, memorable brand experiences that our customers can engage with through integrated media opportunities.

  1. We want to meaningfully support the sustainable evolution of the retail industry and be the preferred partner of brands who are themselves committed to the environmental transition.

    Co-developed with Good On You, the Sustainable Retail Index is an innovative approach that provides a dynamic view on retailers’ sustainability commitments, ambitions and performance at a company, product and store-operations level.

  1. A first in the industry, our new Better Places Certification is a five-level assessment of the sustainability performance of our assets.

    We partnered with Bureau Veritas Solutions to develop this 94-criteria certification covering a broad range of environmental and social dimensions including Health & Safety, Energy & Climate, Water, Communities, Mobility, Biodiversity and Waste.

  1. A competition taking place in the UK, France, Spain and Austria-Germany, the Westfield Grand Prix recognises and rewards the sustainable retail champions of tomorrow.

    Each year, we will call for entries from young businesses and start-ups across retail, leisure, dining, entertainment, health & wellbeing and services, whose solutions facilitate responsible consumption and sustainable living.

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